Nov 29, 2008

Fw: Reais Jogos Virtuais Follow Up / Nov. 29

Following up on Real Virtual Games Project (Nov. 1&2), at Lx Factory, Lisboa, Portugal  and  SL Kowai (217, 109, 669)

Toddles Lightworker/Todd Cochrane and  Butler2 Evelyn/Isabel Valverde come to invite you to an Emergent Hybrid Performance Environment for SL avatars and video mediated guests from physical site, Lisboa, Portugal. 

Day/Time: Tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 29 

Event Sites: 

                       Kowai 234, 102, 679 (Mature) 

                       (Second Life) 

                       (3.30 PM/PST)


                      Rua do Carrião, 5 - 3º dto, 

                      1150-093 Lisboa, Portugal 

                      (23.30 H/11.30 PM/WET)


Duration: about 2 hours (3.30-5.30 PM) (23.30-01.30 H)

Come on Come to perform by interacting with other avatars and real people on screens around the space. We have mocap emergent animations for you to embody and interact with. 

You can experience these animations alone or combined  with your  movements and gestures.  

We want to offer opportunities for converging our physical and virtual possibilities for creative embodied communication. being and experiencing spaces and bodies. 

We believe Second Life provides the most inclusive embodied mode of being with people around the world in a free networked platform.  

Real Virtual Games Project is interested in questioning and developing more corporeally inclusive physical interfaces for this type of embodied global network mode of communication.

Look forward to see and play with you tomorrow!!

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