Jan 26, 2010

Motion Capture Movement for Avatars in Second Life

Animations from excerpts of motion capture, focusing on different states of embodiment and interaction. These were in part uploaded into Second Life for avatar movement. The movements modes or sequences functioned as alternative animations for avatar, based not in music based dance steps or pedestrian actions, but on ways of sensing the body in movement, or as when interacting with other bodies or things, much like in contact improvisation. Available to any avatar visiting the RVG Lx Factory SL room, they could improvise with each other in virtual dances choosing the body modes and their play in time and space with each other. To have a better idea, please see the other examples. Soon there will be recordings from the SL dances with visiting avatars. Real Virtual Games is continuing this way and projected as a new solo performance with live and virtual performance participants.

Jan 8, 2010

RJV and Weathering In Com Tempo spaces and embodiments


This is a video flash presentation on virtual spaces and activity undertaken in Second Life part of two on interactive live-virtual performance and environments, Reais Jogos Virtuais and Weathering In/Com Tempo. The latter project has been a follow up from the former, particularly regarding the live-virtual interface between subjects and avatars. A new SL viewer is being developed to allow physical interaction through a 3DV or Web Camera. The choreographic research involving motion capture will generate a intelligent data base responsible for the avatar emergent responses, instead of only imitating the subject. We will follow up with more documentation and, one day, the viewer for you to interact with us in a much compelling way.